Tax Free Weekends 2017


It’s that time of year again to start that back-to-school shopping spree.  Back-to-school shopping is one of the biggest shopping seasons for most retail stores. Some states like Maryland and South Carolina just to name a few like to help their fellow residents out by giving them what they call a tax-free holiday weekend.  There are 16 states that are participating in this tax-free holiday weekend, which means you won’t have to pay sales tax on certain items purchased. For the other states that choose not to participate, I would assume that their thought on this tax free holiday weekend didn’t sound to economically appealing. 

Having 16 states that are participating in this tax-free holiday gives you the option to cross your state borders and go shopping, so there is no need to worry.  Stay updated by visiting their state website located on the table below.

Do you know when your state’s 2017 tax-free weekend starts? Well below you’ll find the information needed to prepare your day for shopping.  There are links to each states website to give you more info if needed.  Do your research on layaways, online shopping and using discount coupons in combination with this tax free holiday weekend.

Happy Shopping!

State Dates Eligible Items / Max Cost
Alabama July 21 – 23 Clothing: $100
Computers: $750
School supplies: $50
Books: $30
Arkansas August 5 – 6 School supplies: No limit
Clothing: $100
Clothing accessories and equipment: $50
Connecticut August 20 – 26 Clothing and footwear: $100
Florida August 4 – 6 Clothing: $100
Computers: $750
School supplies: $50
Iowa August 4 – 5 Clothing and footwear: $100
Maryland August 13 – 19 Clothing and footwear: $100
Massachusetts August 12 – 13 Clothing and footwear: $100
Mississippi July 28 – 29 Clothing and footwear: $100
Missouri August 4 – 6 Clothing: $100
School supplies: $50
Computer software: $350
Computers: $1,500
Computer peripherals: $1,500
Graphing calculators: $150
New Mexico August 4 – 6 School supplies: $30
Clothing: $100
Computers: $1,000
Computer equipment: $500
Ohio August 4 – 6 Clothing: $75
School supplies: $20
School instructional material: $20
Oklahoma August 4 – 6 Clothing: $100
South Carolina August 4 – 6 Clothing and accessories: No limit
School supplies: No limit
Computers and accessories: No limit
Bed and bath items: No limit
Tennessee July 28 – 30 Clothing: $100
School supplies: $100
Computers: $1,500
Texas August 11 – 13 Clothing and footwear: $100
Backpacks: $100
School supplies: $100
Virginia August 4 – 6 Clothing and footwear: $100
School supplies: $20

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